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• RETURN POLICY ◦ We have a 30 day return policy on new and unused parts. All returns beyond 30 days are subject to a restocking fee.
Please return products in their original box with the corresponding invoice and a written explanation on the back. And we will refund the amount you paid. We do not refund shipping and handling cost.
All returns must be sent prepaid, no collect shipments will be accepted. We strongly suggest that you ship the package by United Parcel Ground Service (UPS) as it is traceable and insure the returned part for its full value to protect yourself against loss.
• PRIVACY POLICY ◦ Reeactor values its customers and all technically feasible steps are taken to protect their privacy. In general, when you visit our web site and access information, you remain anonymous. Personal information from visitors to our web site is collected on a voluntary basis only and an explanation is provided as to its use at the time it is requested. This collected personal information is used to respond to online queries, supply requested information on Reeactor products and services, ship ordered products, establish approved links, and for internal market analysis. We do not sell or rent personal information to third parties.
Our web servers collect the domain names of visitors to our sites. This information is aggregated to determine the number of visits, average time spent on our web site, the pages viewed by visitors, and other similar information. We use this information to measure web site usage and to improve the content and value of our web site. 
This web site may contain links to other third party sites. We take steps to link only to sites that share our high standards and respect for privacy. However, we are not responsible for the privacy standards and practices of third parties. Reeactor strives to keep online visitor information secure against unauthorized access and use. We may update this policy from time to time and revisions will be posted to this web site.
If you or someone else has submitted personal information and you would like to request that such information be removed, you may do so by contacting Reeactor Transbrake Release System and reasonable efforts will be used to comply with your request.
• FOR RACING USE ONLY ◦ Reeactor, shall not be liable for injury, consequential, or other type damages resulting from use of its products.
• PATENT POLICY ◦ Patent grants Reeactor Transbrake Release System  the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling or importing the Reeactor. Anyone caught making, using, offering for sale, or selling or importing the Reeactor without written authorization from Reeactor Transbrake Release System will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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