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NHRA has announced a new policy for Transbrake Button requirements in the Super Stock and Competition Eliminator categories. Transbrake buttons “must be NHRA accepted. Devices must be mechanical spring actuated, and not exceed 3 inches in length from base of (button) switch to top of plunger.  Adjustability is permitted, and may be made by a threaded stop or stop rings.  Modifying the delay in the switch by the addition of hydraulics, pneumatics, electric, or other means is prohibited.  Contact the NHRA Technical Department for a list of accepted transbrake buttons.” In addition, for the Stock Eliminator category, two step activation must be by foot operation of brake pedal, clutch pedal, or pressure switch.  Hand release prohibited.

MOUNTS ANYWHERE! The enclosed hardware makes for an easy mount just about anywhere. Or you can mount it in your existing hole. Mounts to any steering wheel including butterfly and indy style, also to shifters, counsels, dash boards, etc...

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